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Sino-French Workshop “LIA-ORIGINS”  in 2014

 (Beijing, China, Oct. 20-25, 2014)


Preliminary Program

19 Oct. Sunday, Registration

       Hotel in Tsinghua University Campus   

20 Oct. Monday 

   1. Introduction: history of the DM problem since Zwicky

   2. Dark matter probes at different astronomical scales

       2.1 Dark matter in our Galaxy

       2.2 Dwarf galaxies of the Local Group

       2.3 Disc galaxies: rotation curves, dynamics and interactions between 

             baryonic and dark matter

       2.4 Elliptical galaxies, galaxy clusters: multi-probes through lensing,

             dynamics & X-rays

 21 Oct. Tuesday     

       3. Direct and indirect detection of dark matter

       3.1 Searches through objects with a substantial amount of DM:

             Galactic center region, dwarf galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc.

       3.2 Constraints/observations from indirect detection experiments

             (gamma rays, neutrinos, X-rays...)

       3.3 Underground Direct detection of Weakly Interacting Massive

             Particles  (WIMPs)

       3.4  Search for axion DM

22 Oct. Wednesday, Morning

       4. Nature of the Dark Matter: WDM versus CDM

       4.1 Simulations: status

       4.2: Cosmological observations

 Afternoon:  Celebration on the 6th Anniversary of the establishment of LIA-ORIGINS

23 Oct. Thursday

     5. Future Observations and instrumentation

     5.1 Expectations from GAIA and associated ground based stellar surveys

     5.2 Kinematics of stars and gas: JWST, ELTs, TMT and SKA

24 Oct. Friday

     5.3 Large surveys of stars and galaxies

     5.4 Future experiments for direct and indirect detections

25 Oct. Saturday

     Ending the workshop











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