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Sino-French Workshop “LIA-ORIGINS”  in 2014

 (Beijing, China, Oct. 20-25, 2014)


First Announcement  

Dear Colleagues:

We are happy to invite you to the 2014 edition of the Sino-French International Associated Laboratory (LIA)  "ORIGINS" workshop series. It will be held from 20 to 25 Oct. in Tsinghua University, Beijing.

The main topic of this workshop is "Dark Matter: Astrophysical and Experimental Constraints".

In 2014, we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between France and the People's Republic of China. This anniversary will give a more official and festive colour to our regular LIA workshop.

Since the establishment of LIA on October 22, 2008, the joint Lab has supported many exchanges of researchers (short and mid-term visits), meetings & workshops, joint PhD & post-doc positions and collaborative activities between Chinese and French researchers on many astrophysics issues of interest to the Chinese and French communities, including instrumentation.

Please register before August 20, 2014 by email to lia@bao.ac.cn  (please mention your name, affiliation, title, email, telephone, study fields, title and abstract of your talk)

All French participants will be provided with local support which covers accommodation and meals.


Charling Tao (Co-Chair), Francois Hammer (Co-Chair) , Xiang-Ping Wu (Co-Chair),

Science Advisory Commitee:

Yipeng Jing, Lia Athanassoula,

Xiangping Wu, Suijian Xue,

Xiaowei Liu, Alain Omont,

Chantal Balkowski, Michel Dennefeld



Charling Tao (Chair), Yan-Chun Liang, Jian-ling Wang, Guo-qing Liu, Yan Huang

Contact Person: Yan-Chun Liang (ycliang@bao.ac.cn, Tel: +86-10-64807819, Fax: +86-10-64807730) ;  Jian-Ling Wang (wjianl@bao.ac.cn); Guo-Qing Liu ( liuguoqing@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn, 010-62785807 )


Scientific Rationale

Dark Matter: Astrophysical and Experimental Constraint

Modern Cosmology assumes that most of the matter of the Universe is hidden as  the so-called dark matter (DM). DM is only proven through its gravitational effects, which are measurable through astronomical observations of baryonic matter, including galaxy dynamics, gravitational lensing.

Searches with indirect and direct probes like gamma ray radiation through annihilation, neutrino under-ice or underwater detectors, underground detectors and high energy or high luminosity colliders, have so far failed to evidence any convincing signal but are continuously improving their sensitivity.

The goal of the Colloquium is to gather scientists, mainly from China and France,  to compare the recent progresses and questions on the Dark Matter mystery.

 Main Topics

 1. Introduction: history of the DM problem since Zwicky

 2. Dark matter probes at different astronomical scales

 3. Direct and indirect detection of dark matter

 4. Nature of the Dark Matter: WDM versus CDM

 5. Future Observations and instrumentation                                      





中国科学院法国国家科研中心(CNRS的大力支持下,中法“起源”天文联合实验室于200810月22日在国家天文台正式成立(http://lia.bao.ac.cn)。联合实验室服务于两国天文 学界,为中法科学家提供学术交流与合作的平台。 联合实验室成立五年以来,持续开展了活跃的双边交流活动,每年支持短期和中期科研人员互访项目、博士后项目、联合培养博士生项目、年度双边研讨会,涉及科研及仪器等领域的深入合作, 均取得了可喜的成绩。

2014年恰逢中法建交50周年。各行各业均开展形式多样的庆祝活动。在此大背景下,以及在中法“起源”实验室成立即将六周年之际,我们定为2014年10月20-25日在中国北京召开“2014年中法“起源”天文联合实验室双边研讨会”。研讨会将邀请来自法国和中国的100多位科研人员参加,大家共聚清华大学,交流 科研及仪器设计制作经验,共商中法天文合作大计。


注册截止日期:2014820日 , 注册方式:发送邮件至 lia@bao.ac.cn 

请包含 姓名、单位、职称、邮箱、电话、研究领域、拟报告题目及摘要)。


Charling Tao(共同主席)Francois Hammer( 共同主席)、武向平(共同主席)、


Charling Tao(主席)、梁艳春 、王建岭、刘国卿、黄滟

联系人:梁艳春(lia@bao.ac.cn, Tel:010-64807819,Fax:010-64807730) ;王建岭 (wjianl@bao.ac.cn); 刘国卿 ( liuguoqing@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn, 010-62785807                                                    








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