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Timeline of the July 22 Solar Total Eclipse in Tongling (local time):

8:18, Start of Partial Eclipse
9:29, Start of Total Eclipse
9:32, Maximum Eclipse
9:35, End of Total Eclipse
10:53, End of partial eclipse


4th Sino-French Workshop “ORIGINS”

 (Tongling, China, July 20-25, 2009)

Some Useful Information


1.       SUNGLASSES: we will provide each participant free special sunglasses for watching the solar eclipse

2.       CLIMATE: The climate of southern China in late July is very hot, much hotter than southern France. The average temperature is 28 Celsius, with the highest normally above 35 Celsius. The hotel is air-conditioned of course.

3.       EXCURSION to the Huangshan Mountain:

(1)    The altitude of the Huangshan Mountain is 1864m. It will be much cooler at night on top of the mountain. So please bring warm clothes with you, especially when you want to see the sunrise in the early morning.

(2)    Considering that many participants are senior people, we will take cable cars (round-trip) instead of climbing the mountain.

(3)    For better enjoyness of the beautiful scenery, we will be staying (the night of July 24) in a hotel on top of the Huangshan Mountain.


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