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Timeline of the July 22 Solar Total Eclipse in Tongling (local time):

8:18, Start of Partial Eclipse
9:29, Start of Total Eclipse
9:32, Maximum Eclipse
9:35, End of Total Eclipse
10:53, End of partial eclipse


4th Sino-French Workshop “ORIGINS”

 (Tongling, China, July 20-25, 2009)

 Important notice for late arrivals

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For the Shanghai-Tongling trip, we have two buses, one leaves the
Good Hope Hotel at 13:00. Please try to catch this bus. We have also
arranged the second workshop bus for those who will arrive late.
It will leave Good Hope Hotel at 16:45.

If you cannot catch either of these two workshop buses, you can simply
go to the Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Station, which is at the North
Square of the Shanghai Railway Station, and take the bus to Tongling:

The long-distance bus runs at 7:00, 9:00, 10:00, and 15:20, 16:20, 17:20, 18:20.
The distance to Tongling is 436 km and it will take 6 hours.
The bus fare is 120 yuan (1 euro=9.5 yuan).

In the attachment of this email, I have prepared you a "Do It Yourself" instruction on how
to get to Tongling from Shanghai, with Chinese words.


Travel Information in Shanghai 

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Workshop Hotel in Shanghai: Our workshop hotel in Shanghai is the Shanghai Good Hope Hotel(上海好望角大饭店, pronounced “Hao-Wang-Jiao Da-Fan-Dian” in Chinese. See http://hotels.english.ctrip.com/Domestic/ShowHotelInfo.aspx?hotel=667&StartDate=2008-09-12&DepDate=2008-09-19

The workshop will cover your accommodation in the “Good Hope” for the nights of July 18 and July 25, with breakfast included.


How to get to the Good Hope Hotel from Pudong Airport?

1.       Taxi (easiest): It will take 50 minutes and cost 140 yuan (1 euro=9.5 yuan) to get to the Good Hope Hotel. Please print the notes (see below) to your taxi driver, he/she will understand and bring you to the hotel.

2.       Maglev + taxi (most interesting & recommended): You can take the maglev train from Pudong airport, and then change to a taxi. The maglev travels for 30km in 7 minutes with the highest speed of 430km/h. It runs from 7am to 21:30pm, with intervals of about 15 minutes. The fare is 40 yuan single if you show them your airticket (normal price 50 yuan). The maglev will take you to Longyang Road Station. Then you can simply get on a taxi, which will cost 40-50 yuan to our Hotel. The official website for the maglev is http://www.smtdc.com/en/jszl1_2.asp

3.       Airport bus + taxi (cheapest): Take the airport bus Line 3 (for Xu-Jia-Hui) and get off at Xu-Jia-Hui, or better tell the bus driver in advance that you want to go to Good Hope Hotel so that he/she can remind you to get off. The stop is 1km from the hotel. The bus fare is 16 yuan. Then you can change to a taxi which will cost 10 yuan. You can also walk for 15 minutes if your luggage is not heavy.

(Note: Due to the widely scattered arrival time of our participants, we suggest that you go to the Good Hope Hotel from Pudong airport on your own, and our bus will pick everyone from the hotel)


From Shanghai to Tongling

Our bus for Tongling will bring you from the Good Hope Hotel at 13:00 July 19. For those who arrive at Pudong airport in the afternoon of July 19, we have a small bus (limited seats) which will leave Shanghai a few hours later. (exact time not fixed yet because we have unfortunately not yet collected everyone’s arrival info.)



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Good Hope Hotel

No. 500 Zhao-Jia-Bang Road, Xu-Jia-Hui, Tel: 64716060

好望角大饭店 (徐家汇, 肇嘉浜路500,电话64716060



I want to go to the Good Hope Hotel, thank you.


能给我发票吗?(would you please give me the receipt?



Just in case you are lost or in trouble:

Bo Qin’s mobile phone: 13121102040 (秦波)



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