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Timeline of the July 22 Solar Total Eclipse in Tongling (local time):

8:18, Start of Partial Eclipse
9:29, Start of Total Eclipse
9:32, Maximum Eclipse
9:35, End of Total Eclipse
10:53, End of partial eclipse


4th Sino-French Workshop “ORIGINS”

 (Tongling, China, July 20-25, 2009)


Scientific Program

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    July 19, Registration


          July 20, Morning I: Opening and Plenary Session 1

          Chair: WU Xiang-Ping

          08:30-08:35, Introduction (WU Xiang-Ping)

          08:35-08:45, Welcome Address by Tongling Officials

          08:45-09:00, Opening Addresses (CHEN Jian-Sheng &   LENA   Pierre)

          09:00-09:10, Background of the workshop and the LIA (HAMMER Francois)

           Short Break (5’)

          Chair: VIGROUX Laurent

          09:15-09:35, LENA Pierre, Future of optical interferometry

          09:35-09:55, ZHOU Xu, Astronomy in Antarctic Dome A

          09:55-10:15, EGRET Daniel, Virtual observatories

          10:15-10:35, LUO A-Li, LAMOST: Current Status

          10:35-10:55, TURON Catherine, Deciphering the Galaxy:    

            synergies  between Gaia and LAMOST

          10:55-11:15, LIU Xiaowei, The LAMOST Galactic survey

           Coffee Break (20’)


          July 20, Morning II : Plenary Session 2 :     High-Energy Projects

          Chair: ZHANG Shuangnan

          11:35-11:55, WEI Jian-Yan, The SVOM Project

          11:55-12 :55, PAUL Jacques, MANDROU Pierre, CORDIER Bertrand,          


           13:00, Lunch


          July 20, Afternoon : Plenary Session 3 : Workshop on Galaxy Evolution I

          Chair: XIA Xiao-Yang

          14:30-15:00, HAMMER Francois, The elaboration of the Hubble sequence

          15:00-15:20, SHU Cheng-Gang, Probing Galactic structure by open clusters

          15:20-15:40, BALKOWSKI Chantal, Dynamics of nearby and distant galaxies

          Coffee Break (20’)

          Chair: BALKOWSKI Chantal

          16:00-16:20, LIANG Yan-Chun, The properties of a large sample of LSB galaxies from 


          16:20-16:40, ATHANASSOULA Lia, Secular evolution of disc galaxies

          16:40-17:00, PUECH Mathieu, The baryonic content and Tully-Fisher relation at z~0.

          17:00-17:40, Discussion  

          18:00, Dinner


           July 21, Morning I : Plenary Session 4 : Cosmology & Dark Energy

          Chair: DENG Zugan

          08:30-08:50, TAO Charling, Understanding dark energy: what progress can we expect?

          08:50-09:10, TILQUIN Andre, Multiprobe determination of cosmological parameters

          09:10-09:30, ANTILOGUS Pierre : Supernovae and dark energy

          09:30-09:50, WU Chao, Supernova selection from the LAMOST galaxy spectra survey

          09:50-10:10, KILBINGER Martin, Impact of intergalactic dust absoption on cosmology

                 with SNe Ia

           10:10-10:25, SUN Lei, Catastrophic Photo-z Errors and the Dark Energy Parameter

                 Estimates with Cosmic Shear

           Coffee Break (20’)


           July 21 Morning II : Plenary Session 5 : Exoplanets

          Chair: LIU Xiao-Wei

          10:50-11:10, COUDE du FORESTO Vincent, Characterizing exozodiacal dust by

              infrared interferometry

          11:10-11:30, OLLIVIER Marc, Exoplanet discoveries with the CoRoT satellite

          11:30-11:50, MOUTOU Claire, Ground-based support of space search for exoplanets

          11:50-12:10, Galicher Raphael, Diversity among other worlds: characterization of

              exoplanets by direct detection


          July 21 Morning II : Parallel Session - Workshop on Galaxy Evolution II -

                 Chemical Evolution

          11:00-11:20, RODRIGUES Myriam, Metal content and stellar population of

              intermediate mass galaxies at z~0.6    

     11:20-11:40, LIANG Yanchun, Chemical properties of SDSS spiral galaxies

          11:40-12:30, Small Contributions and Discussion on Papers

          12:30, Lunch


           July 21 Afternoon : Plenary Session 6 - Workshop on Galaxy Evolution III

           Chair: DENNEFELD Michel

          14:30-14:50, XIA Xiao-Yang, The molecular gas properties of IR QSOs

          14:50-15:10, GAO Yu, The star formation laws in dense molecular gas

          15:10-15:30, HUANG Jia-Sheng, Hectospec redshift survey for IR sources

          15:30-15:50, FLORES Hector, Morpho-kinematics classification of distant galaxies

          Coffee Break (20’)

          Chair: HAMMER Francois

          16:10-16:30, ZHENG Xian-Zhong, Observational links between cosmic star formation

               and SMBH activities

          16:30-17:30, Short Individual Contributions on Galaxy Morphologies, Kinematics

              & Discussion, includes:

   DELGADO Rodney, How was the Hubble sequence 6 Gyrs ago? (15’)

   Qu Yan, On the angular momentum evolution in dry minor mergers (10’)


Public Lectures (for local audience) 15:00-17:00, Lecture Hall, Tongling City Council

 Lecture 1: Chen Jian-Sheng, 400 Years of Sky-Watching with Telescopes

Lecture 2: COUDE du FORESTO Vincent & Liu Xiao-Wei, Searching for Exoplanets

With special guests: China’s first astronauts of the Manned Space Mission Shenzhou-7,

Fei Jun-Long & Nie Hai-Sheng (神舟-7号航天员费俊龙、聂海胜见面会)


          18:00, Banquet and Theatrical Performance (A round-trip bus will take everyone)


          July 22 Morning : Solar Total Eclipse Watching, & Group Photo  

            Timeline (local time) of the Solar Eclipse

             08:18, Start of Partial Eclipse

             09:29, Start of Total Eclipse

             09:32, Maximum Eclipse

             09:35, End of Total Eclipse

     10:53, End of Partial Eclipse


           Solar Eclipse Watching will be at a special site in Tongling

          Group Photo at 08:30 (During the Solar Partial Eclipse)

           12:30, Lunch


           July 22 Afternoon: Plenary Session 7 : Cosmology & High Energy

           Chair: TAO Charling

         14:30-14:50, ZHANG Shuang-Nan, Non-CMB signals in WMAP cleaned sky maps:

SDSS galaxies and SFD dust extinction map

          14:50-15:10, VALLS-GABAUD David, Applications of genetic algorithms in cosmology

          15:10-15:25, TU Hong, Strong lensing results from CFHT SL2S

          15:25-15:40, SU Meng, Impact of instrumental systematic contamination on the lensing

               mass reconstruction using the CMB polarization

          Coffee Break (20’)


          Chair: SHU Chenggang

          16:00-16:20, ZHAO Dong-Hai, The growth and density profile of dark matter halos

          16:20-16:40, FAN Jun-Hui, The variability of blazars

         16:40-17:00, YUAN Ye-Fei, Images of the radiatively inefficient accretion flow surrounding a Kerr black hole:  application in Sgr A*

         17:00-17:15, TANG Su-Min, The quasar SDSS J1536+0441: a double-peaked emitter in a candidate binary black-hole system (15’)


          July 22 Afternoon : Parallel Session, Workshop on Galaxy Evolution IV, GRBs

          16:00-16:20, HAN Xuhui, general properties of GRB host galaxies

          16:20-16:40, HAMMER Francois, X-shooter on VLT

          16:40-17:50, Small Contributions and Discussion on Papers

           18:00, Dinner

           July 23 Morning : Plenary Session 8 : Projects, Radio, & Education

           Chair: EGRET Daniel

           08:30-08:50, WU Xiang-Ping, 21CMA

          08:50-09:10, MARTINEAU-HUYNH Olivier, Detecting cosmic rays with 21CMA

          09:10-09:40, SAUGRIN Thomas, Radio detection of cosmic rays with the CODALEMA


          09:40-10:00, JIN Cheng-Jin, Current status of the FAST project

          10:00-10:20, TORCHINSKI Steve, European developments for the Square Kilometre


          Coffee Break (20’)


           Chair: VALLS-GABAUD David

         10:40-11:00, WEBER Rodolphe, RFI mitigation: applications to Nancay observatory and


          11:00-11:20, PAJOT Francois, In-orbit Planck/HFI status and performances at beginning

             of mission

          11:20-11:40, BEELEN Alexandre, The first deep APEX/LABOCA Survey: the Francis

            cluster at z=2.4

          11:40-12:00, DENNEFELD Michel, Joint doctoral schools

          12:00-12:40, Workshop Summary


           End of Workshop

           13:00, Lunch

           18:00, Dinner


            Friday July 24, Morning, Leave for Huangshan Mountain

           Friday July 24, Evening, Hotel atop of Huangshan Mountain

           Saturday July 25, After Lunch, Leave for Shanghai

                 Arrive at Shanghai Good Hope Hotel in late afternoon


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