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Timeline of the July 22 Solar Total Eclipse in Tongling (local time):

8:18, Start of Partial Eclipse
9:29, Start of Total Eclipse
9:32, Maximum Eclipse
9:35, End of Total Eclipse
10:53, End of partial eclipse




4th Sino-French Workshop “ORIGINS”

 (Tongling, China, July 20-25, 2009)

Participants (French side)

  Name Institute Title of talk

Antilogus, Pierre

Laboratoire de physique nucleaire et des hautes
energies, Univ. Paris 6
Supernovae and dark energy [title TBC]
2 Athanassoula, Lia Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Marseille Secular evolution of disc galaxies

Balkowski, Chantal

Observatoire de Paris Kinematics of galaxies

Basa, Stephane

Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Marseille Cosmological results from the SuperNova Legacy Survey

Beelen, Alexandre

Institut d'astrophysique spatiale, Orsay The First deep APEX/LABOCA Survey : The Francis cluster at z=2.4
6. Catala, Claude Observatoire de Paris [TBC]
7 Cordier, Bertrand Service d'Astrophysique,  CEA, Saclay ECLAIRs/SVOM

Coude du Foresto, Vincent

Observatoire de Paris Characterizing exozodiacal dust by infrared interferometry
9. Cox, Pierre Director, IRAM [TBC]

Delgado, Rodney

Observatoire de Paris How was the Hubble sequence 6 Gyrs ago?
11 Dennefeld, Michel Institut d'astrophysique de Paris, Professor at Paris 6 Joint doctoral schools
12 Egret, Daniel Observatoire de Paris Virtual observatories
13 Flores, Hector Observatoire de Paris Morpho-kinematics classification of distant galaxies
14 Galicher, Raphael Obspm Diversity among other worlds: characterization of exoplanets by direct detection
15. Gavazzi, Raphael IAP  
16 Hammer, Francois obspm Elaboration of the Hubble sequence
17 Han, Xuhui obspm/SHAO/NAOC  
18 Kilbinger, Martin IAP Bayesian methods for model selection in cosmology
19 Lena Pierre Observatoire de Paris; Acad. Sciences Future of optical interferometry
20 Mandrou, Pierre CESR, Toulouse ECLAIRs/SVOM
21 Martineau-Huynh Olivier LPNHE-IN2P3 Detecting cosmic rays with 21CMA
22 Moutou, Claire Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Marseille Ground-based support of space search for exoplanets
23 Ollivier, Marc Institut d'astrophysique spatiale, Orsay Exoplanet discoveries with the CoRoT satellite
24. Omont, Alain IAP [TBC]
25 Pajot Francois    
26 Paul, Jacques APC et SAp/Saclay ECLAIRs/SVOM
27 Puech, Mathieu obspm The baryonic content and Tully-Fisher relation at z~0.6

Qu, Yan

29 Rodrigues, Myriam obspm Metal content and stellar population of intermediate mass galaxies at z~0.6
30 Sun, Lei CPPM/PKU Catastrophic Photo-z Errors and the Dark Energy Parameter Estimates with Cosmic Shear
31 Tao, Charling CPPM
& Universite de la Mediterranee
Understanding Dark Energy: what progress can we expect?
32 Tilquin, Andre CPPM Multiprobe determination of cosmological parameters
33 Torchinski, Steve Obspm European Developments for the Square Kilometre Array
34 Tu, Hong IAP  A search of edge-on galaxy lenses in the CFHTLS-Wide
35 Turon, Catherine obspm Deciphering the Galaxy: synergies between Gaia and LAMOST
36 Valls-Gabaud, David obspm Applications of genetic algorithms in cosmology
37 Vigroux, Laurent IAP, Director  
38 Weber, Rodolphe Orleans University Radio-astronomy and signal processing TBD
39 Yang, Yanbin obspm  


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