FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT -- Sino-France Workshop 2005

Registrations are now open at
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Dear participants,

This is the first announcement of the "Sino-France Workshop 2005 on the Formation and
Evolution of Galaxies" to be held in April at a beautiful resort located inside the
Beijing Botanic Garden, under the Fragrant Hills in the suburban area of Beijing.
Below please find information regarding the preliminary schedule of the workshop as well as
other practical information. We strongly suggest that you start to arrange your travel now
and let us know as soon as possible if you have any suggestions and further requests
regarding your coming visit to China (for example, additional visits outside Beijing).

the LOC

1. Workshop

The workshop will be held between Monday to Friday 18-22 April 2005. This includes
four-day presentations and discussions, as well as one-day tour to the Great Wall on
Wednesday 20 April.

2. Location

The workshop will be held at Sleeping Buddha Temple Hotel (Wo Fo Shan Zhuang), located inside
the Beijing Botanic Garden, in the western suburban area of Beijing, under the Fragrant Hills
(The Western Mountains). It is about 10-15 kilometre from Peking University and
Beijing National Observatories Centre.

3. Registration and welcome reception

The registration will be held Sunday 17 April at the conference place. A welcome reception
will take place at dinner time. Snacks and drinks will be served (but not a full evening meal...).

4. Conference dinner

The conference dinner will be held in the evening of Thursday 21 April at the conference place.
The dress code at the dinner will be "smart casual".

5. Tourism on 23-24 April

If you still opt to stay in Beijing for the weekend following the workshop, you are welcome
to join the following activities:

1) 23 April (Saturday): A visit to the National Astronomical Observational Stations will be
organized including the optical/IR Xinglong Station (
and the Huairou Station ( for solar physics. Both places have attractive sceneries.
The lunch will take place at the Xinglong Station and dinner at the Huairou Station. A coach will
pick you up at the conference place in the morning and take you back at the dinner.

2) 24 April (Sunday): A city tour will be organized. There will be a choice of between a tour to
the Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven, and another to the Summer Palace and the
Old Summer Palace (Ruins of Yuan Ming Yuan). Information regarding these tourist attractions
can be found at

Please feel free if you have other plans.

6. Visits outside Beijing

French participants are welcome to visit astronomical institutes and universities outside Beijing.
Below is a list of contact person for those interested:

Ji YANG Purple Mountain Obs., Nanjing
Xiangdong LI Nanjing University, Nanjing
Yipeng JING Shanghai Observatory, Shanghai
Weimin YUAN Yunnan Observatory, Yunnan

7. Accompanied persons

For those who wish to come with their spouse, it is possible as the hotel provides standard rooms
with a double or twins bed. However, a tariff will be charged to cover the meals.
The cost of meals is 120 RBM (~12 Euros) per day. A receipt for this cost can be provided if requested.

8. Hotel reservation before and/or after the conference

 For those who wish to arrive in Beijing earlier than 17 April, or stay longer after the conference.
Information on hotel reservation can be found at this web site:

Another good webpages for hotels are   (in Chinese)   (in Chinese)   (in Chinese)

If you need help, please contact us by emails.

9. Contact information

Yanchun Liang
Tel: 86-10-64851858
Fax: 86-10-64851533
Suijian Xue
Tel: 86-10-64877288
Fax: 86-10-64862505

National Astronomical Observatories,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
No. 20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100012, China



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