Sino-France Astronomical Workshop 2005


 Reminder of the science topics :

1. Cosmological models

2. Theoretical and observational studies of galaxy formation and large-scale structures

3. AGNs and Gamma-Ray Bursts

4. Interaction and merging environment and their influence on the formation of galaxies

5. The formation and evolution of stellar systems

6. Kinematics and dynamics of galaxies

7. Large facilities in development in China

8. Space astrophysics



The French Participants






Nabila Aghanim


Small scale CMB anisotropies IAS, Orsay
Philippe Amram


Kinematics of Spiral Galaxies Observatoire de Marseille
Chantal Balkowski


Environmental effects on galaxies in clusters Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Stéphane Basa

1,3, 8

TBD Observatoire de Marseille
Pierre Binetruy


Cosmological models from fundamental physics APC, P7

Françoise Combes

4 or 6

Numerical simulations of galaxy formation and dynamics Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Georges Comte

5 or 7

Star-forming galaxies in SDSS and LAMOST surveys

Observatoire  de Marseille

Bertrand Cordier


TBD SaP/CEA, Saclay
Pierre Cox

2, 3, 7


IAS, Orsay
Michel Dennefeld


TBD IAP, Paris
Pierre-Alain Duc


Star formation in interacting galaxies SaP/CEA, Saclay
David Elbaz


Luminous infrared galaxies and the formation of  structures in the universe SaP/CEA, Saclay
Hector Flores

4, 6, 7

FLAMES/GIRAFFE: Dynamical evolution of distant galaxies hector.flores@obspm.Fr Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Bernard Fort


The CFHTLS Strong Lensing Survey IAP, Paris
François Hammer


Recent star formation in intermediate mass galaxies Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Pierre Mandrou


projet ECLAIRs, collaboration sur les instruments spatiaux CESR, Toulouse
Guy Monnet

6, 7

Advances in the field of the formation and evolution of galaxies with ELTs. ESO, Garching, Germany
Alain Omont


Dust emission from powerful high-z QSOs and starbursts IAP, Paris
Reynald Pain

1 et 8

Probing Dark Energy with Supernovae IN2P3 (to be completed)
Jacques Paul

3 ou 8


The ECLAIRs Mission for Multiwavelength Studies of the Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission



Roger Pons


projet ECLAIRs, collaboration sur les instruments spatiaux CESR, Toulouse
Dominique Proust


Structure and dynamics of the Shapley Supercluster of galaxies

Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

Simon Prunet

1, 8

Cosmology with the Planck satellite IAP, Paris
Daniel Rouan

3, 7

Adaptive Optics observations of nearby AGNs Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Morvan  Salez

7 Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Charling Tao


Determination of cosmological parameters from
combined analysis of SN, CMB and WL data N2P3 (to be completed)
Jean-Philippe Uzan


Gravity under the spotlight of cosmology: Why and how to test it. IAP, Paris
François Viallefond

7 ?

TBD Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
Laurent Vigroux


Herschel and Planck Surveyor: new tools for galaxy formation and evolution studies IAP, Paris




 The Chinese Participants






Ronggen Cai 1 Understanding the Freidmann Equations ITP
Jiansheng Chen   -- NAOC, PKU
Yang Chen 5 X-ray study of thermal composite supernova remnants NJU
Fuzhen Cheng 8 WSO/UV
mission concept and science goals" which belongs USTU
Yaoquan Chu    -- USTU
Zigao Dai 3 Gamma-Ray Bursts: Recent Progress and Relation with Cosmology NJU
Licai Deng 5,2 Observational constraint on SSP model NAOC
Zugan Deng    --  
Guoxuan Dong   -- NSFC
Junhui Fan 3 The black hole masses of gamma-ray loud blazars GZU
Zuhui Fan 1 The triaxiality of clusters of galaxies and the determination
       of Hubble constant from X-ray and SZ observations PKU
Yu Gao 2 Molecular Gas Concentrations and Starbursts between the Merging Nuclei PMO
Qiusheng Gu 4,2 Star-forming Activity in Seyfert 2 Nulei NJU
Jinlin Han 6 Magnetic Field of our Galaxy NAOC
Zhanwen Han 5 Evolutionary population synthesis and UV-upturn of elliptical galaxies YAO
Jinxin Hao   -- CAS
Jinliang Hou 2 Metallicity and column density properties of Damped Lyman alpha systems SHAO
Jingyao Hu 8,7 SVOM project NAOC
Tao Huang   --  
Biwei Jiang 5 Possible 12 streams pf Galactic globular clusters BNU
Yipeng Jing 2 Structure formation and Galaxy formation SHAO
Xiangdong Li 5 The faint X-ray sources in the Galactic center region NJU
Yan Li 7 Progress of GMG 2.4m telescope and its instruments YAO
Fukun Liu 3 Interaction of SBBHs and Accretion Disk in AGNs and Its Observational Identification PKU
Xiaowei Liu 5 PKU
Yanchun Liang 2 NAOC
Ruiqing Mao 4,2 The Warm Molecular Gas in Nearby Galxies and (U)LIRGs PMO
Rendong Nan 7 Largest single dish radio telescope - FAST NAOC
Bo Qin 1 NAOC
Zhengyi Shao 4,2 Optical and NIR color profiles in nearby early-type galaxies SHAO
Shengcai Shi 7 Development of Superconducting Receivers for Radio Astronomy PMO
Chenggang Shu 5,2 A model of the formation and evolution of the Galaxy SHNU/SHAO
Jianmin Wang 3 Evolutionary Consequences of Dust Tori in AGNs IHEP
Tinggui Wang 3 Nuclear Activity in the local universe from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey USTC
Yi Wang   -- NAOC
Yiping Wang 4 Studing the evolution of dusty starburst merging galaxies using multi-band deep surveys PMO
Daming Wei 3 The jet composition and the early afterglow of GRBs PMO
Jianyan Wei 8,7 SVOM, proposal of a small astronomical satellite NAOC
Hong Wu 4,2 The recent study of normal galaxies based on Spitzer and SDSS data NAOC
Xiangping Wu 7,1 21 centimter array: search for the first light of the universe NAOC
Xuebing Wu 3 Weighing the black holes in active galactic nuclei PKU
Yuefang Wu 5  Searchs for youngest objects in high mass star formation PKU
Xiaoyang Xia 4 Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at Low-z TJU
Haiguang Xu 1,2
Iron Enrichment in the Intermediately Distant Cluster
of Galaxies MS 0839.9+2938 SJTU
Suijian Xue 2 -- NAOC
Yongqiang Yao 7 The astronomical site survey in west China NAOC
Ji Yang 5 Formation of Stars and Stellar
Clusters in the Galaxy PMO
Qirong Yuan 2 Spectroscopy and Multicolor Photometry of the Galaxies in Abell 2255 by the BATC and SDSS Surveys NJNU
Weimin Yuan 3 An X-ray view of radio-loud quasars beyond redshift z=4 YAO
Li Zhang 3 High Energy Non-Thermal Emission from High-Field Pulsars YNU
Shuangnan Zhang 8,7 The Wide-field Imaging and Multi-band Spectroscopy (WIMS) Mission TU
Xinmin Zhang 1 Interacting Dark Energy IHEP
Gang Zhao 5 NAOC
Junliang Zhao   -- SHAO
Yongheng Zhao 7 LAMOST project NAOC
Xu Zhou 4 The Intergalactic Stellar Distribution in the M81/M81 Field NAOC
Youyuan Zhou 3 -- USTC
Zonghong Zhu 1 BNU
Zhenlong Zou 2,4 -- NAOC


CAS=Chinese Academy of Sciences

NSFC=National Natural Science Foundation  of China

NAOC=National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

YAO=Yunnan Observatory

ITP=Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Scienecs

SHNU=Shanghai Normal University

SHAO=Shanghai Astronomical Observatory 

TU=Tsinghua University

USTC=Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China

BNU=Beijing Normal University

PKU=Peking University

NJU=Nanjing University

PMO=Purple Mountain Observatory

IHEP=Institute of High Energy Physics,CAS

SJTU=Shanghai JiaoTong University

YNU=Yunnan Normal University

GZU=Guangzhou University