Sino-France Astronomical Workshop 2005


Our workshop will be held inside the beautiful Beijing Botanical Garden, at the foot of Fragrant Hill, about 30 km northwest of Beijing.


Fragrant Hill Park  (1)

Fragrant Hill Park  (2)

Beijing Botanical Garden

Sleeping Buddha Temple Hotel

Sleeping Buddha Temple Hotel

Sleeping Buddha Temple Hotel, situated in the Sleeping Buddha Temple of Beijing Botanical Garden, used to be a temporary dwelling place of Qing Dynasty'emperors. Not only will you enjoy a seluded environment and fresh air, but also the taste and elegance of the thousand-year temple, which was highly appreciated by the great novelist Ca Xueqin of Qing Dynasty. There are plenty of skyscraping ancient trees, clusters of green bamboo, noseful flower scent and earful bird songs, and sweet and crystal springs, which are bound to intoxicate every visitors. The Sleeping Buddha Temple aims at "customers enjoy high priority and service goes first". You will get the best service.


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