The Sino-French IFU Workshop - Programme


November 8

Morning Session: Chair – Xiang-Ping Wu

10:00-10:15, Welcome address & Self-introduction of all participants

10:15-10:45, Jinming BAI: Introduction to the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope

10:45-11:25, Hector Flores: The IFUs from GIRAFFE to OPTIMOS_EVE: the study of distant galaxies

11:25-11:45, Group Photo & Break

11:45-12:25, Philippe Amram: Why and for what using Fabry-Perot techniques?

12:25-13:05, Lei HAO: IFUs for the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope


Afternoon Session: Chair – Charling Tao

14:30-15:10, Chantal Balkowski: The 3D-NTT project

15:10-15:40, Yanbin YANG: Investigation of the dynamical status of the local galaxies

15:40-16:00, Break 

16:00-16:40, Yannick Copin: 3D spectro-photometry: the Nearby Supernova Factory experience

16:40-17:10, Jujia ZHANG: The study of IFU for the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope

17:10-17:50, Mathieu Puech: Specifying an integral field spectrograph fed by adaptive optics

November 9  Visit the Lijiang 2.4m telescope, & the Tiger-Leaping Gorge on the Yangzi River

November 10

Morning Session: Chair - Jingyao HU

09:00-09:40, Isabelle Guinouard: Design of the fibre IFUs from GIRAFFE to OPTIMOS-EVE

09:40-10:20, Xiaojun JIANG: IFU at NAOC’s 2.16m telescope

10:20-10:40, Break

10:40-11:20, Zhong-Quan QU: Fibre Arrayed Solar Optical Telescope (FASOT)

11:20-11:50, Liang CHANG:  Performance of fiber in IFU

11:50-12:10, Xiaofeng WANG: China South Pole Dome-A AST3 and KDUST projects


Afternoon Session: Chair - Chantal Balkowski

14:00-14:30, Feng-Hui ZHANG: Galaxy studies using stellar population synthesis models and IFUs

14:30-15:10, Dominique Proust: The future of IFUs to test the gravitational collapse model in the evolution of superclusters of galaxies

15:10:15:25, Shi-Bi PU, Extended stellar kinematics and populations of early-type galaxies: constraints on the outer dark matter halo profiles.

15:25-15:40, Break

15:40-17:30, Discussion Session (Chair: Chantal Balkowski & Xiaowei LIU)

End of Workshop

November 11 Excursion to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and the Old Town of Shuhe

November 12 Departure