The Sino-French IFU Workshop - Participants




Title of Talk

GEPI / Obs Paris Meudon

Chantal Balkowski

The 3D-NTT project


Fanny Chemla

Desigh of the image slicer for X-shooter's IFU


Hector Flores

The IFUs from GIRAFFE to OPTIMOS_EVE: the study of distant galaxies Group Photo


Isabelle Guinouard

Design of the fibre IFUs from GIRAFFE to OPTIMOS-EVE


Dominique Proust

The Future of IFUs to test the gravitational collapse model in the evolution of superclusters of galaxies


Mathieu Puech

Specifying an intergral field sprctrograph fed by adaptive optics

OAMP, Marseille

Philippe Amram

Why and for what using Fabry-Perot techniques?

IPNL, Lyon

Yannick Copin

3D spectro-photometry: the Nearby Supernova Factory experience

CPPM Marseille /Tsinghua

Charling Tao




Title of Talk


ZHOU Xu  (周旭)

WU Hong  (吴宏)

HU Jingyao(胡景耀)

YANG Yanbin (杨雁宾)

Investigation of the dynamical status of the local galaxies

JIANG Xiaojun(姜晓军)

IFU at NAOC's 2.16m telescope

QIN Bo (秦波)

WU Xiang-Ping(武向平)

ZHOU Zhimin (周志民)

Yunnan Obs.

WANG Jiancheng(王建成)

BAI Jinming (白金明)

Introdution to the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope

QU Zhong-Quan(屈中权)

Fibre Arrayed Solar Optical Telescope (FASOT)

ZHANG Feng-Hui(张奉辉)

Galaxy studies using stellar population synthesis models and IFUs

ZHANG Jujia (张居甲)

The study of IFU for the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope

CHANG Liang(常亮)

Performance of fiber in IFU

FU Yu (付玉)

PU Shi-Bi (浦仕毕)

Extended stellar kinematics and populations of early-type galaxies: constraints on the outer dark matter halo profiles.

YUAN Mu (袁沐)

FAN Yufeng(范玉峰)

XIN Yuxin(辛玉新)

WANG Deqing(王德清)

SUN Jie(孙杰)

Shanghai Obs.

HAO Lei (郝蕾)

IFUs for the Lijiang 2.4m Telescope

Peking Univ.

LIU Xiaowei (刘晓为)


KONG Xu (孔旭)

Tsinghua Univ.

WANG Xiaofeng (王晓峰)

China South Pole Dome-A AST3 and KDUST projects

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Presentations in Nov 8
Presentations in Nov 10